Introducing the most advanced professional slush, sorbet, and granita machine in the world. Even safe for milk!

High performance, ultramodern design, and user-friendly. Insulating technology increases cooling power, saves energy and money, and reduces external condensation. Choose from either (2) or (3) 2.9 gallon insulated bowls with either mechanical or electronic control board and timer, and optional light panel.

Perfect solution for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, amusement parks, convenience stores, kiosks, and much more.

All models are certified NSF-6 safe for milk.

Transparent bowl encourages impulse purchasing.

Manual defrost mode.

Efficient safety mechanism is activated when cover is lifted. All moving parts automatically and immediately stop.

Lockable lid.

Adjustable product consistency.

Black finish.

Commercial grade parts ensure a long life in heavy-usage locations.

Repairable machine with available replacement parts

Model I-PRO 2M (1206-000)

I-PRO 2M light panel (1206-001)

Description (2) 2.9 gallon insulated bowls

Mechanical control and timer

Lighted panel (I-PRO 2M light panel model)

Electrical 115V / 60 Hz 0.975 kW / 10A / 1 Ph

Refrigeration Refrigerant: R404A Compressor: ½ hp

Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 34” x 16” x 23”

Ship Dimensions (H x W x D) 36” x 17” x 23”

Product Weight 132 lbs.

Ship Weight 141 lbs.

List Price: I-PRO 2M $4411
List Price: I-PRO 2M Light Panel $4540

Operate at room temperature between 75 – 90° F.
Clearance of 8” required on all sides.
Mixture must maintain a sugar content near 14%.A lower concentration could seriously damage the mixing parts and gear motors.