Frozen Fun For All Occasions!

Frozen De’Lites provides top quality, industrial-size Frozen Drink Machines that will make any party festive.

There is no need for a messy blender or ice anymore. At Frozen De’Lites we want your event to be as simple as possible. Each rental includes, delivery*, setup, cleanup, cups, straws and the mix. What could be simpler? And since alcohol is optional, you can serve frozen cocktails, smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, or slushies for the kids.

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50-100 Guest

Double Bowl
$185.00 + Tax & Delivery
Includes 2 mixes,
100 cups/straws

The double bowl machine is designed to serve two flavors and can easily serve 50-100 guests. Each bowl holds 3.14 gallons (50 8oz drinks) and can be topped off as the frozen product is dispensed.

20 – 50 Guest

Single Bowl
$135 + Tax & Delivery
Includes 1 mix,
50 cups/straws

The single bowl machine is perfect for smaller parties serving one flavor. When full it holds 50 – 8oz. cups and can be topped off to make additional servings.

50-100 Guest

1—Industrial Machine
$150.00 + Tax & Delivery
Includes 1 mix,
100 cups/straws

The 3311 machine is the fastest freezing machine on the market and can serve approximately 80 frozen drinks per hour. It's perfect for larger events like weddings receptions, sporting events or fund-raisers.


2—Industrial Machines
$350.00 + Tax & Delivery
Includes 4 mixes,
200 cups/straws

The large party package is designed for those wanting to serve 100-200 guests.It includes enough mix to make approximately 200 – 8oz. drinks. These machines are easy to use, can handle larger events and work extremely well in hot temperatures.

Additional Services

• Extra Standard Drink Mix (3-5 gallon yield): $25

• Smoothies & Cappuccinos: $30 will be added to rental cost (yield 3 gallons)

• Delivery Charge (effective 1/1/2022)

• $30.00 Metro Louisville

• Southern IN–Jeffersonsville/Clarksville add $10.00 delivery for bridge toll

• Delivery rates vary outside Metro Louisville, call for a delivery quote.

• There is a minimum order of $300.00 + delivery fee for all deliveries over 50 miles.

• Delivery with late night pickup (after 8pm): $100

• Upgrade to 9 oz Margarita Glasses – $.50/each

• Alcohol is not included or supplied by Frozen De’Lites

• Extra Day Rental – Customer Pickup Charge – $75

We have over 25 flavors and can create custom blends or signature drinks. All rentals include mix, cups & straws.